Surviving Diet Season


Each year we are bombarded advertisements, articles, and conversations about dieting and achieving the “perfect” body. There is no such thing the perfect body – all bodies are perfect in the way that they are our own, our bodies are special and in no need of perfecting.


Whether it is a magazine telling us we can get a abs in 10 minutes or the one food that will change our lives or that these 99 tips will help us achieve some kind of perfection, it is saying: you are not good enough. We are not defined by our weight, shape or perceived imperfections. It can be difficult to hold on to confidence when everywhere we look we are told we are less than.


Each year I struggle with not having a perfect “bikini body” but this is the first year that I will not give in to those thoughts. I may not love my body, but I do not have to destroy it.


Embracing your body does not mean always being completely positive about yourself; some days you are going to wake and feel like shit. On these days instead of focusing on your flaws and acting on your negative thoughts, look in the mirror and say, “I am worthy, I am beautiful and unique.”


Diets will not make you happy, neither will losing weight or changing your body in an unhealthy manner. Trust me on this. I wish I had spent more summers frolicking on the beach rather than staying home counting calories and forcing myself to try all those fad workouts.


This summer, forget about achieving perfection and enjoy life. Treat your body with kindness, it’s the only one you have.